Procedures feature helps risk managers improve compliance with helpful, easy to use instructions: 

Make operating procedures easy to follow

Build your own procedures

Track compliance

Procedures are best with action cards and decision trees - action card shown on an aircraft

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Improve procedure compliance

To improve procedure compliance risk managers should make them easy to follow. Unfortunately, they’re often recorded as blocks of text and flow charts, then stored as Word or PDF documents. Though convenient for their author, this doesn’t make them easy to follow.

Action cards procedure for acid attack and gas leak

Action cards are best for first response 

Action cards are best for first response because they present key information in an easy to read format. 

Decision trees are best for complex scenarios

Decision trees are best for complex scenarios because they break-up instructions into small, easy to follow steps.

Choose procedures such as:

Available on both mobile and desktop.

Decision tree procedure business continuity plan mobile app cropped

Build procedures through a decision tree to improve engagement - demo video

Easy to build decision trees

Simply add a question then one or more answers to build a step in your procedure. 

Add contact details, link one decision tree to another or link it to an incident and event report form.

Popular procedures include:

  • Business continuity
  • Confiscation proce
  • Unattended item
  • Suspicious item
  • Fire alarm panel

Instantly view compliance

Track compliance with procedures through the audit feature. Identify each user and visualise the steps they take.

Track procedural compliance with decision tree visualisation

download decision trees in PowerPoint icon

Free downloads

Examples of popular procedures, split into decision trees and stored as PowerPoint slides ready for download. 

Media release template PPT

Lift entrapment procedure PPT

Eject people procedure PPT

Bomb threat procedure PPT




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