Incident management software kept simple

Complex and volatile situations require simple, easy to use incident management software.

Monitor threats and service disruption

Report incidents and events

Manage major incidents

Incident management software by SIRV

Users & peers love SIRV

9 x Innovation Awards Winner/Finalist

Peter C


I cannot put into words how different our operation is from 12 months ago. This is largely down to finding new and dynamic ways of working, through the power and illumination of data.

Imane K


Our incident notification system keeps everyone in the loop at all times, and has formed the basis for high quality training exercises and continuous improvement.

Judy B


Anytime I need assistance the response is always efficient and helpful. I couldn’t imagine work life without SIRV incident management software anymore.
Thank you!

Carl F


 I’ve been using SIRV for a couple of years now and I’m always recommending it to others. Support is much better than our own IT department (sorry to say).

Know what’s going on

Monitor your surroundings, submit reports and mange major incidents.

Threat and service monitor - Never be caught unaware<br />
Monitor key services, track news and social media</p>
<p>Plan ahead and schedule resource<br />
Anticipate events in your vicinity with event calendar

Threat and Service Monitor

The Threat and Service Monitor module constantly reviews disruption to key services and threats in the vicinity of your assets.

All information is generated by SIRV in-house, with no third party data provider. As a result, risk manager’s only receive information that’s relevant to them and no analyst is necessary.

Team Reports

Team Reports module makes reports quick and easy. Build, record and analyse incident reports, audits and proof of presence. 

Get counter measure assurance with mobile app phone image
 Major incident management - Follow protocols, record decisions<br />
Decision trees and action cards prompt correct behaviours. Decision log keeps decision makers up-to-dat

Major Incident Management

The Major Incident Management module presents key information required when you need it:

  • Procedures to follow
  • Map and schematics to view vulnerabilities, locate assets and track activity
  • Decision log to record your decisions

Keep incident management software simple

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Financial services incident management

Financial services incident management operates in a global industry with high levels of regulation. As a result, standardisation and compliance for users of SIRV such as, Deutsche Bank and Aon are priorities.

    Incident management software by SIRV in financial services
    Incident management software by SIRV in manufacturing and production

    Manufacturing and production incident management

    Manufacturing and production incident management is central to business success. If incidents are not controlled they can quickly escalate into business interruption and lead to financial loss.

    Event and retail incident management

    Event and retail incident management is unique. Because every day there’s a tension between vendors and risk managers. While vendors and promoters want as much footfall and attendance as possible, risk managers want as much control as possible. After all, without control, the consequences can be fatal.

    Incident management software by SIRV in retail and events

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