Threat and incident technology for safety and security teams

Safety and security teams have a job to do: Protect people, reputation, assets and revenue. Our technology helps get this job done.

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Learn about threats

Threat data from multiple sources, billions of web pages, one result: better decisions.

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Improve resource management

Support resource allocation with data.

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Become a risk of choice

Build Pool Re Vulnerability Self Assessment Tool (VSAT) compliance and get 10%  premium discount.

Data brings insight

Data shows that which the eye cannot see. Combine artificial intelligence and impossible tasks become possible.

Threat data

Receive notifications about threats and incidents in and around your vicinity.

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Threat dashboard location, local news, social media

Team reports

Evidence security measures are in place and report incidents. Our comprehensive suite of manual reporting features provide the assurance you need.

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Major incident management

Manage and recover from major incidents with our visualisation and collaboration product.

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Major incident visualisation showing building schematic and location of incident
Contractor building access request flow chart
Contractor building access request authorisation flow chart

Control access

Visitor and contractor induction and authorisation, seamlessly integrated with security operations centre.

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Technology partner

Introduce artificial intelligence to your safety and security function. Our long-term collaborations bring leadership and experience in automation and prediction.

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