Proof of presence

Locate people and track assets in real-time with:

Geolocate people and assets

Provide proof of presence

Customise to meet your needs

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Proof of presence

Build proof of presence for patrols and audits. Locate and track assets.   


Integrate proof of presence with:

Get custom build visualisations to meet your needs. 


security patrol map for dashboard

How to security patrol - ultimate guide to security patrolsUltimate guide to security patrols

How to security patrol is the ultimate guide for security patrols procedures. Security patrols check the status of a site’s security and safety measures and gather intelligence to counter threats.

Patrol route design in 3 steps

Patrol route design is crucial. Thousands of people use our proof of presence technology to perform a security patrol and as a result we’re often asked: “What’s the best patrol route design?” 

best NFC Tag nuy huideBest NFC tag

There is a huge number of NFC tags available, which would we recommend as the best NFC tags for proof of presence? Over 10 years 

Frequently asked questions

How many NFC Tags can be used?

You can use as many tags as you like. Most organisations will use 100-200 tags but some use thousands.

What phones can I use for proof of presence

We recommend a number of Android devices. Apple has recently made NFC available for proof of presence. However, we don’t yet offer proof of presence on Apple (we don’t consider the feature sufficiently tested). Take a look at our list of top tough phones here.

Why doesn't NFC work on my phone?

Check to ensure you have your phone’s NFC switched on (go to your phone’s ‘Settings’ menu). If NFC is switched on and you still don’t receive a reading then check the NFC tag. You may also consider the phone chip being faulty. Additionally, if you have the phone housed in a tough case then that may be blocking the signal.

Is GPS good for proof of presence?

If you want an accurate proof of presence reading then using a phone’s GPS is not ideal. GPS is frequently inaccruate and only provides gives a grid reference. This is not helpful if you want to identify a location above or below ground.

What are the best NFC Tags?

There are many NFC tags available. As a result, we have written a best NFC tags guide to help you choose the right kind of tag. 




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