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About us: Founded by two brothers in 2011, SIRV is an abbreviation for systematic intelligent risk valuation. Independently funded, the company has grown from being one of the first companies in the world to use mobile applications for incident management to now, a leader in risk management AI.

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Co-founder Andrew Tollinton

Excerpts from Institute of Strategic Risk Management‘s Artificial Intelligence in Risk Management Conference, including SIRV Co-founder Andrew Tollinton.

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We’re a team of research, computer and data scientists meeting the technology needs of risk managers.

The risk manager’s goal is to protect people, reputation, assets and revenue. This goal has grown more demanding as the world has grown more complex and uncertain. As a result, the role of technology has developed. It has moved from:

  1. Descriptive – what’s happening
  2. Predictive – what’s going to happen
  3. Prescriptive – what should happen

This change is reflected in SIRV’s features. It has moved from helping risk managers report risks to:

Our focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence enhances value and drives down delivery cost.


Founding brothers spent three year’s in their father’s study building the first product.


Father's study, where SIRV was founded


Who we serve

Our end users range from risk managers of financial services to public transport. Every risk manager looks after an organisation with different vulnerabilities and sensitivities. But all risk managers share the same goal, to protect people, reputation, assets and revenue.


Our technology base is the UK but our products are used in multiple territories. 


We have an engineer’s work culture, with a focus on getting the job done. We foster open communication, application and learning; many of us have a research background.




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Address: SIRV Systems Limited, 85 Great Portland street, First Floor, London, UK W1W 7LT


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