Threat and service monitor

What will impact your business? Our threat and service monitor provides live information on threats and service incidents:

News and social media updates

Utility, traffic, environment monitor

Tuned to address specific risks and needs

View through calendar, on map or schematics

Threat and service monitor - view on dahsboard News and social media updates<br />
Utility, traffic, environment monitor
Threat monitor icon

Threat monitor

Threat monitor shows activity in the vicinity that may threaten business as usual. Typical activity includes:

  • Public events
  • Civil unrest
  • Police activity such as section 35
Service monitor icon

Service monitor

Service monitor shows disruption to services that may impact business as usual. Typical services include:

  • Utilities
  • Transport
  • Environment
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Contextual information

Contextual information highlights threats and vulnerabilities in an area over time; past, present and future. This is useful for threat assessments and horizon scanning. It may include:

  • Threat information such as crime and terrorist incidents
  • Service performance for utilities

We combine historic trends and other relevant data sets to produce forecasts.

How we present information

The threat and service monitor displays events on street map, schematics and calendar. Notifications are also available.

Schedule and plan with event calendar

Share key event information with your team. The easy to use event calendar means:

  • Never miss an event again
  • View what’s coming up, quick and easy
  • Automatic event plugin adds events of interest
  • User interface allows users to manually add events

Threat and service monitor shows protests in London today

Map incidents and events

View incident and event information on street map and get direction of travel.

  • Only view that which matters to you
  • Locate incident and events within distance of assets

Tell us what threats and services are important to you

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Threat and services monitor information types

Where we get our information

We source all our information directly; we don’t use any third party data provider. Therefore, you have control and transparency and, we’re able to answer all your queries.

Different sources of threat data illustration

Types of information

We know risk managers rely on many different sources to inform their decisions. As a result, we try to reflect this in the types of information we provide.

Publicly available

Risk managers often know where to find publicly available information but they don’t have the time or resource to monitor and track it. Therefore, we are given the task. This often results in broader coverage and time savings.

Closed source

Closed source networks are often the best source of threat information. Peer groups, local networks and other risk management teams often have high quality, verified information. However, the information often arrives in various formats and and as a result, often sits in someone’s email inbox. However, our automation tools will read content such as PDFs and extract relevant information as soon as it’s received.

Manual upload 

Manual upload allows risk managers and company colleagues to upload event information. As a result, a full threat and service picture is available.




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