Daily occurrence book

Daily occurrence book is part of the Team Reports feature. It’s easy to use and a popular addition:

Works across devices

Removes paper

Start your digital journey

Daily occurrence book online

Simply enter daily occurrences

Simply enter daily occurrences through a mobile device or web browser.

Get users to be accountable for each entry with username and password sign-off. Because every entry is given a date and time stamp along with a unique ID, it’s easy to track who made entries and when each entry was made.

Daily occurrence entry in SIRV show date and time, location as well as name of user, detail about occurrence and sign off password

Daily occurrence entry search in SIRV by date and key word

Instantly find entries

Instantly find entries with the filter search facility. Choose your search criteria, for example:

  • Date
  • User
  • Location
  • Category
  • Key word 

Once you find an entry, click to download into Excel. 

Scale and control who has access

Scale and control who has access to the daily occurrence book with the SIRV fine grain permissions feature.

Training and adoption is easy

Training and adoption is quick and easy with our help videos. Take a closer look with our demo 101 video. 

Daily occurrence book business case

Receive notifications

Receive notifications when a daily occurrence book is complete or at a set time each day.

Easily understand your daily occurrence reports

Easily understand your daily occurrence reports by giving each entry a category. You decide how many and what kind of categories you want. 

Improve the quality and consistency of reports

Improve the quality and consistency of reports with the version system. For example, if a mistake is made or an addendum is necessary, add a new version and link it to the original entry. 

Until recently people have used paper daily occurrence books (DOBs) to record events. In the event of an incident going to court the book may be presented as evidence. Therefore, companies have to store books for at least six years.

Over the last few years a number of companies have made the move to online books. What are the benefits and risks of the switch?

1) Sustainable

There is no need to find storage space for online occurrence books. In addition, switching from paper to cloud computing reduces carbon emissions.

2) Greater assurance

Who made an entry and when it was made in a paper book is not always clear. However, because SIRV gives every user a username and password it is easy to identify users. Moreoever, because every entry is given a timestamp there is no doubt when the entry is made.

3) Digital books are more efficient

Getting old archived paper books is costly and time consuming.  It is easy to view and access an online book.

Paper books can be spoiled and made illegible. As a result, audit trails are broken. SIRV maintains an audit trail by using a versioning system and not allowing the deletetion of entries. 

4) Cost Saving

It is expensive to buy and store paper carbom copy books. Online occurrence books reduce this cost.

5) Mobilisation

Rolling-out the SIRV occurrence book is quick and easy.

6) One source of information

Incidents are often recorded on separate forms and missed from paper books. As a result, the full story is not always told by paper books. SIRV gives users one point of truth because it automatically posts incidents to the occurrence book.


All cloud computing solutions depend on web access. Therefore, without access to the intenet the occurrence book is inaccessible. However, the SIRV mobile application can store entries locally and without web access. As a result, any interruption to web service does not prevent entries being made.


An electronic occurrence book has many benefits and few risks.

Frequently asked questions

Can I delete an entry?

No, you cannot delete an entry. A new version of an entry can be made. For example, an entry has the identity ‘1’. If an amendment is necessary then a new version is created and given a new identity, ‘1.1’

All old versions of an entry are viewable.

How many entries can I make?

There is no limite to the number of entries in the occurrence book. 

Does the book need to close?

Most users will open and close the book every shift. However, you can leave a book open for as long as you like.

Can I view an old entry?

Yes, you can view old books and entries by using the search function.

What's a line item category?

A line item category is a heading, such as ‘health and safety incident.’ This is useful if you want to filter your search.

Can a mobile phone access the daily occurrence book?

The SIRV mobile app can make entries onto the occurrence book.




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