Major incident management

Major incident management feature gives risk managers the best chance to manage and recover from business interruption. 

✓ View all you need to know in one place

✓ Instantly build perimeters, locate assets and track

✓ Build a decision defence with the decision log

✓ Get the involvement of stakeholders

Major incident management display dashboard
Major incident management display icon

Optimal display

A combination of visual layers and folding text panels means the user has everything they need on one screen.

Visualise with information panels



Folding side panel displays action cards and decision trees to give you the best chance of doing the right things.



Displays a bi-direction, interactive map and schematic. Shows information from Team Reports and Threat and Service Monitor.


Decision log

Folding side panel allows user to record their decisions and update stakeholders.

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Major incident management cordon and form exclusion zone - shows calculation on schematics and map

Instantly form a perimeter

Instantly form a perimeter and cordon off zones on schematics or street map.

Extend the perimeter into 3D for multi-storey buildings and beyond buildings, onto street maps if necessary.

Accurate to within one metre. 

Communicate location of assets

Quickly locate the location of assets using the overlays feature.

Bring to life your documents. Upload media, video, notes and documents to your schematics and maps. Instantly store and view all your assets.

Add connected devices.

Major incident management show asset overlays - defibs and air vents

Major incident management track people and asset  movement on schematics or street map

Playback and debrief

Playback and debrief with the visual time lapse. Track and record the movement of people within your areas of interest. 


Breath life into maps and plans with bi-directional, fully interactive maps and schematics.

Interact with visual bi-direction maps.Define and identify locations of interest.<br />

Incident decision log

Incident decision log gives risk managers the opportunity to build a decision defence. It allows users to record, share and review decisions.

Get buy-in across functions with access on mobile and desktop.

Add text and media but restrict message access  to meet your needs.

Simultaneously run multiple instances of decision log. 


Major incident management decision log video showing text input




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