Event and retail incident management

Event and retail incident management is unique. Because every day there’s a tension between vendors and risk managers. While vendors and promoters want as much footfall and attendance as possible, risk managers want as much control as possible. After all, without control, the consequences can be fatal.

The tension between control and access in event and retail constantly changes. Users of SIRV such as, shopping centres and concert venues require incident management software that changes with their needs.

Event and retail incident management

What keeps a risk manager up at night?

What keeps a risk manager up at night? For those responsible for event and retail venues it’s the prospect of a major incident that leads to injury or loss of life. Of course, the loss of physical assets such as buildings is unwelcome, but it’s also incomparable to human life.

This fear is front and centre in the risk manager’s mind, particularly given the exposure decision makers got in recent public hearings. Therefore, for incident management software to be successful it must be familiar, used every day and, useful in the event of a major incident.

Injury and death keep event and retail risk managers up at night - image of injured person receiving medical treatment

Major incidents

Major incident management cordon and form exclusion zone - shows calculation on schematics and map



Accurate to within one metre, the perimeter can be seen in 3D for multi-storey buildings and if it extends from beyond premises into another space, it also appears on street map.


The Major Incident Management feature support the risk manager with all types of major incident workflows.

For example, if an unattended item is labelled a suspicious package it’s likely the risk manager will ask their security operations centre (SOC) to begin a suspicious package instance. Thereafter, the SOC will review the venue’s procedures, place on schematics the package’s location and generate a perimeter.

Meanwhile, the decision log is available to record decisions and send updates to relevant parties.

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The daily occurrence

The daily occurrence at event and retail venues range from parking violations to anti-social behaviour and assault. Our Team Reports feature is built to make the reporting of these events quick and easy:

To adapt to changing needs, administrators can change the report configuration. For example, acid attacks are unfortunately a new addition to expected attack types; to address this threat, administrators can build new reports and procedures.

Notifications are built-in and visualisations help with resource deployment.



Incident and events report visualisation on schematic


Daily incidents at event and retail venues bubble graph: Theft 60<br />
Verbal abuse 40<br />
Loitering 20<br />
Damage 15<br />
Begging 25<br />
Gathering group 9<br />
Items thrown 12<br />
Police in attendance 3

Investment in the event and retail space

Investment in event and retail space is on the rise owing to greater public consciousness about safety in busy public spaces. As a result, two drivers now support the investment business case:

  1. Compliance: Martyn’s Law
  2. Commercial / consumers: Publicly available data highlights risk in event and retail space

Peter C

Major UK venue


I cannot put into words how different our operation is from 12 months ago. This is largely down to finding new and dynamic ways of working, through the power and illumination of data.

Although not yet legislation, the prospect of Martyn’s Law has already led to significant investment.

As we explore in our guide to Martyn’s Law software key features, technology has a role to play in all these areas. However, it’s not just legislation that drives investment. Because owing to publicly available data, consumer consciousness around risk in public spaces is on the rise. In particular, attacks on women in public spaces has led to a big rise in personal safety apps that highlight high risk areas. As a consequence, there’s a greater commercial drive for event and retail venues to improve their incident management. 




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