Healthcare incident management

Healthcare incident management is unique. Staff face violence and aggression on a frequent basis and many staff members work alone. In addition to managing incidents, security teams need to perform a long list of checks, many on critical systems.

In this mixed environment SIRV supports security teams by being quick and easy to use, secure and adaptable to different needs.

Healthcare incident management by SIRV shows nurses in a hospital

Healthcare incidents and audits

Security and safety teams are often occupied with managing incidents, along with checking safety and security measures such as, CCTV, car parks and bed watch. SIRV helps users capture these incidents and events, providing real-time analysis.

Healthcare incident management by SIRV visualisation of hospital incidents

Violence reduction

Violence reduction is a core aim for healthcare security teams. SIRV helps teams identify and address trends and patterns with its Teams Report feature. 

Incident and events report visualisation on schematic

Data sharing

High level data sharing agreements are possible because SIRV is built to meet the strictest information security standards.

Information sharing agreements across different agencies for example, hospitals, local authorities and third sector partners are possible. They also comply with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Contractor Work Access

Contractor Work Access feature helps risk managers control contractor access to site. Induction is mandatory and a simple test demonstrates understanding of the site and its risk.

Risk assessment and method statements are uploaded and sent to authorising parties, who review, accept or reject the proposal. If access is authorised then security is sent a notification.

The Contractor Work Access feature reduces the time a risk manager spends on contractor works administration and provides best in class compliance. 




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