Civil unrest and Martyn’s Law: Award

Scan the horizon and it’s clear the security industry face two challenges: civil unrest and Martyn’s Law (Protect Duty). SIRV‘s Threat and Service Monitor helps security aware organisations address this challenge, as recognised by Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2022.

Martyn's Law Awards - Security and fire excellence awards Finalist 2022

Organisation’s changing needs

Organisation’s threat profile is undergoing change. For example:

  • They face a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment (NB 6 January 2021, US insurrection).
  • Must respond to a cost of living crisis
  • Address their involvement in social issues

In addition, with the prospect of Martyn’s Law on the horizon, their attention turns to threat assessment in and around their publicly accessible locations (PAL).


Our solution combines our existing software with rich contextual information. The content of which is drawn from:

  • News outlets
  • Social media
  • Security services
  • Field intelligence
  • Open source data sets
  • Informal information networks

Visualise threats

To build a shared understanding of threats, a visualisation is very useful. Therefore, SIRV shows threats using visualisations like this:

Protests in london by type and volume

Why visualise threat?

Benefits of threat visualisation include:

  • High usage owing to the appealing, interactive data visualisation
  • Time saved because there is no need to perform web searches
  • High relevance: Only threats within areas of interest are shown

Martyn’s Law Award

The Security and Fire Excellence Awards shortlist of SIRV as Product of the Year, shows the security industry needs:

  • Better contemporary analysis of threats to allow decisions to be made ‘real-time’
  • Better focus on relevant threats, today and in the future
  • Cost saving over employing a security analyst

If you’d like to discuss how the solution benefits you lets talk.

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