Manufacturing and production incident management

Manufacturing and production incident management is central to business success. If incidents are not controlled they can quickly escalate into business interruption and lead to financial loss.

Users of SIRV, such as scientific lead researchers, need incident management software that helps a risk manager anticipate, manage and recover from incidents.


Event and retail incident management

Incidents in the vicinity 

Incidents in the vicinity of a facility can sometimes be easy to anticipate and therefore managed. For example, should a permit for road works on a facility’s approach route be issued then the Threat and Service Monitor will notify the user. As a result, drivers can be advised of alternative routes or factor in more time for their journey. However, not all disruptive incidents are foreseen.

The unforeseen incident is often the one keeps the risk manager up at night. From activism to power outage, it’s potential for business interruption if often unknown. This is when incident management software can deliver its greatest value.

Threat and service monitor shows outage of utilities in a bar chart

Power outage

Power outage is an unforeseen incident that often causes significant business interruption.

The Threat and Service Monitor feature alerts the risk manager of the incident. The Major Incident Management feature gives the status of replacement power and the greatest draws on that power. The risk manager can then make an informed decision about what facilities to maintain and which to power down.

Access control

In contrast to public spaces, manufacturing and production has strict access control. The monitoring of counter measures and report of security breaches is a core function of the Team Reports feature.

Incident and events report visualisation on schematic

Incident and event reports

Incident and event reports feature gives risk managers counter measure assurance and incident information in real-time. 

It’s easy to build report forms to suit your needs and complete forms through a mobile app or web browser.

Charts and visualisations bring reports to life and improves the understanding of risk.


Contractor Work Access

Contractor Work Access feature helps risk managers control contractor access to site. Contractor induction is mandatory and a test demonstrates understanding. RAMS are uploaded and sent to authorising parties, who review, accept or reject the proposal. If access is authorised then security is sent notification.




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