Unplanned power outage

Ref: 045 D 22 June 

Unplanned power outage

An unplanned power outage has been detected in the immediate vicinity of your facility. It impacts postcode: NE4

Because it is an unplanned power outage its duration is not clear. However, SIRV estimates the power outage will last until: 

4:30pm – 5:30pm

An engineer is not yet in attendance.

Over the last seven days there has been 5 other unplanned power outages within the radius of your facility. 

Next steps

If necessary please notify interested parties and follow workflows shown below.



Battery status check

Lab 1 battery 456 low

The above battery has a charge below the minimum threshold. 

Use SIRV to locate the battery and consider following standard protocol decision tree. 



Lift entrapment check

Lifts 4-6

Check the operational lifts for trapped occupants.

Follow lift entrapment procedure.

Lift entrapment procedure visualisation



Recommission power checklist


In the event of power outage follow a power recommission checklist.