Incident and event reports

Incident and event reports feature gives risk managers counter measure assurance and incident information in real-time.

Flexible report forms to suit your needs

Receive reports in real-time

Across tablet, mobile and desktop

Present graphs, visualise on maps and spot trends

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Incidents are negative events which range in severity from building damage to security breach. Typically they’re time sensitive and therefore, sent to a contact list in real-time.

A number of standard incident forms are available and you can build your own incidents report forms. Incident forms are often combined with standard operating procedures such as:


Event icon


Events are also known as checks or audits and cover a range of activities, from car park checks to mandatory fire risk assessment. They often have deadlines and are usually sent to a contact list when complete. 

A number of standard event forms are available and you can build your own event report forms.

Incident and event report form builder

Build report forms

Build forms to meet your report needs. Select functions to include in a form, such as:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video
  • Draw
  • Lists
  • Follow-up action emails

Add advice pop-ups and section large forms to aid navigation.

Incident and event report through web browser or mobile app

Complete reports

Incident and event feature is available through either a web browser or mobile app.

Incomplete reports can be stored locally on a mobile device before being sent. When convenient the user can revisit, edit and complete the report. Once complete the report is stored centrally and if chosen, forwarded to an email contact list.

All complete reports are available for review through a web browser.

Find out just how easy and flexible reports can be:

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Search and view reports

Search and quickly find reports through the filter feature. Then view and add comments to reports.

Any report made in error can be either:

  • Hidden from future searches or;
  • amended and made into a new version.

A summary of reports is available to present through the analyse feature and graph builder.



Incident and event report search and review

Incident and event summary graph builder

Analyse and present reports

Analyse and present reports with the easy to use graph builder. Select your chart:

  • Pie chart
  • Bar chart
  • Line graph
  • Bubble graph

Ideal for presentations to team members.

See where things happen

View on schematics and street map where incidents and events occur. Bring together your incident and event reports and transform resource deployment through accurate visualisations. 

Incident and events report visualisation on schematic




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