Public transport incident management

Public transport incident management has some special qualities. The public are asked to stand next to lethal moving objects, sit for long periods next to strangers and then stand again if someone else needs their seat more than them. In some ways it’s surprising there aren’t more incidents.

Users of SIRV such as, large railway lines recognise public transport is a high risk environment in which incident management software plays an important role.

Public transport incident management

Report culture

When compared to other sectors, public transport is known for its strong report culture. In part this is explained by the environmental risks. However, construction is also a high risk environment and few would suggest it has the same report culture. Therefore, it’s probably the government and its regulation of public transport that drives a report culture.  And, therefore, it’s important public transport incident management software can meet the standards governments set.

Transport has less work related injuries than construction (HSE, 2022)

Sector and Injuries Averaged rate per 100,000 workers 2022 bar chart

Public transport incident management and service disruption

From trespass to road closures, service disruption events are not uncommon. Therefore, it’s important risk managers have a reliable source of event information. The SIRV Threat and Service Monitor feature satisfies this need with relevant and timely disruptive event information.

Public transport has clear geographic boundaries and this is great for defining areas of interest. However, because it only takes one sudden influx of people or traffic to disrupt service, nearly every event in an area is of interest.

Resource deployment and SIRV AI

Public transport covers vast areas of land (>15,00kms) and therefore, it’s impossible for risk managers to safeguard every area. As a result, knowing where and when to deploy staff is a constant challenge in public transport. For example, putting revenue blockades in the wrong area can lead to large revenue losses.

SIRV AI offers risk managers a decision support system to help them optimise their resource deployment. The combination of publicly available data and event data from Team Reports gives risk managers a unique opportunity to drive efficiency.


Resource deployment AI for risk managers shows scheduler and map

Major incidents

Public transport is a complex, highly active environment. Therefore, incident management software needs to cope with lots of things at the same time.

To manage this hectic environment, the Major Incident Management feature gives risk managers the chance to launch multiple major incident instances, simultaneously. As a result, access to multiple decision logs, visualisations and procedures is available.

Major incident management cordon and form exclusion zone - shows calculation on schematics and map



Accurate to within one metre, the perimeter can be seen in 3D for multi-storey buildings and if it extends beyond premises into another space, it also appears on street map.


Compliance and the daily occurrence 

Even on Christmas day, when works may be underway, public transport is busy. The volume and breadth of everyday occurrences means incident management software must be flexible and scalable.

Over the years this feature has recorded millions of events and incidents. Features such as, proof of presence are ideal for demonstrating security checks and the daily occurrence book records every possible event.

Daily occurrence entry in SIRV show date and time, location as well as name of user, detail about occurrence and sign off password

Team reports

The SIRV Teams Report feature gives users all the features they need:

  • Incident and event reports
  • Daily occurrence reports
  • Proof of presence
  • Procedures
  • Mass communication





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