Bomb threat procedure download

Bomb threat procedure download is available in two formats: PDF and PowerPoint.

Bomb threat template. Add a bomb threat security assignment instruction or SOP. Be prepared to deal with a bomb threat being made to you or your organisation.
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Inside the Bomb Threat Procedure Download

The bomb threat guide includes:

  • How was the threat received?
  • Identifying a threat
  • Speaking on the phone
  • Writing-up the incident 

The bomb threat SOPs use [brackets] that are easily replaced with your organisation’s name. As a result, the download is ready to use in minutes. 

Decision Tree

The bomb threat plan is also available as a SIRV decision tree. A decision tree is far easier to follow than a flow chart because it only asks one question at a time. As a result, the the security team can view the plan on a web or mobile app, ideal for a security patrol.

The decision tree format: one question, one or more answers. For example:

> QUESTION: How was bomb Threat Received?

> ANSWER: Telephone or postal bomb threat (go to page 2)

> ANSWER: Suspicious letter or package in the mail (go to page 5

Guidance and advice is contained within. For example , things to watch our for in a telephone call – background sounds: 

  • Street noises?
  • House noises?
  • Animal noises?
  • Crockery?
  • Motor?
  • Clear?
  • Voice?
  • Static?

 Or straightforward advice on receiving a suspicious letter or package in the post:


  • Drop, shake or throw it away.
  • Attempt to open the package.
  • Bend or flex the package in an attempt to ascertain the contents.
  • Immerse the package in sand or water.
  • lace it under a sandbag or other heavy object.
  • Place the package in any container other than the one specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Handle the package any more than is absolutely necessary.
Bomb threat procedure download, Bomb threat procedure SOP, Bomb threat SOP, Bomb threat guide
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