Lift Entrapment Procedures

Welcome to a series of Standard Operating Procedures, SOPs by SIRV security guard software. Today’s free download is a lift entrapment¬†procedure.¬†

These procedures are available through SIRV software using our decision tree functionality. We have also published these procedures in PDF and PowerPoint formats to illustrate how a decision tree could be used to help you.


Lift Entrapment Decision Tree

The decision tree follows a set format, one question, one or more answers. For example:

Question: Is there a person currently in the lift?


INSTRUCTION: go to page 2

Page 2

INSTRUCTION: When dealing with the occupants, the only release methods that can be tried are:

  • Ask the passenger to press the ground floor button and wait to see if the lift responds.
  • Ask the passenger to press the door open button and see if the doors will open.

NOTE: If the lift is not at floor level, NEVER suggest that the passenger gets out of the lift.

NOTE: Under NO circumstances should operators advise passengers to manually attempt to open the door or take any other course of action.


You can download the lift entrapment procedures by clicking in your preferred format, PDF or Powerpoint.