Will risk management drive AI adoption?

Andrew Tollinton, CEO of SIRV was invited by University of Warsaw and Uniwersytet SWPS to answer the question: Will risk management drive AI adoption?

Full conference recording; starts with Andrew Tollinton addressing the university and attendees online. 

Highlights from the conference

Emotion vs rationality

We’re all excited by AI but this is not helpful when discussing a rational subject, risk management (attribution Piotr Borkowski)


Past security practices cannot necessarily be relied upon in the future: Last two years of AI has shaken the notion of truth and fact (attribution Urszula Jessen)


If you’re a student today you’re very fortunate, because huge opportunities lie ahead (attribution Tomasz Ludwicki)

Other highlights

Understand your emotions and you’ll be better at managing risk and become more resilient John K. (Sounds tricky)

People are not very good at understanding risk Dr David Rubens (We understand risk fine but often opt to rely on emotions to make decisions instead)

Regardless of policy, people will use AI at work. Therefore, control its use in the workplace and don’t produce a new policy, rather add a chapter to your existing policies – 90% of security controls are applicable, 10% need to be worked on: Piotr Borkowski

Criminals not yet hacking AI models because it’s not yet exclusively used for decision making. When this changes, so will criminal activity: Piotr Borkowski




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