Best control room software review

Best control room software review brings together leading products for control rooms. Some of the solutions are also listed under other product categories such as, incident management and critical event software. All the products selected are built to help control rooms anticipate, manage and recover from physical incidents. In addition, they are all cloud based.

Video transcript: Your guide to control room software

Introduction to control room software

Hi, I’m Andrew, and this is your guide to control room software. Also, rather confusingly known as critical event or instant management software. What does this software do? Well, it’s designed to help people with things like this, which are high-impact low-probability events, and things like this, which are far more high probability. Brands that are buying this kind of product are brands like these that we see here, and other brands all over the world are starting to invest in solutions like this.

Control room software defined

What then constitutes control room software? Typically you will get three elements in control room software, made up of number one, risk intelligence, two instant management, and three notifications. product, not throwing a vendor, may provide all three of these or just one of them. And if you want to know the different kinds of vendors and sellers that are out there, check out our best control room software guide on our blog. Okay, let’s then look at the first of the three elements risk intelligence.

Risk intelligence

Risk intelligence deals with incidents which could well be perhaps for example in this case in the vicinity. say for example we have an office here where the red cross is and an instance occurs in the vicinity right here. We would receive a notification saying that there has been an in the area and then we as an organisation can better prepare for that and perhaps tell our staff. Alternatively, it could well be that an incident happens somewhere else in the world. So say we have an office here and there’s an incident that happens in an entirely different territory but it might be related to something that we want to know about it and therefore we would also receive a notification about that.

Incident management

The second module is incident management. Instant management can deal with every day kind of a call. For example, human error for power outage. Now let’s say we have a manufacturing plant and we’re doing some experiments in a few labs. So we would want to know that firstly there has been a power outage and then we might want also whether or not we have enough power in the batteries on site to be able to drive and continue our experiments, or whether or not we have a battery problem in one of our labs. Control room software can tell us this. To control room software deals with workflows and optimises and automates those workflows so we respond better and quicker.

Alternatively, as in this live example we have a public space and we find that something that public space which is suspicious, say for example an IED, then we would want to know what where it is and then what would happen if we wanted a cordon around it of a certain size and it would tell us where we need to evacuate.


The third module is notifications. Notifications put simply is the ability to communicate to lots of people at once. That’ll be known as mass notifications. Now mass notifications can appear in app or it could be using other mediums, for example it could be sending out emails, it could be sending out text messages or it could be sending out voice calls which would then be left on the user’s phone as a voice mail. Don’t forget to check out our article, Best Control Room Software, which takes you for different vendors and suppliers of this product. And if you like this article and this post, leave a comment or alternatively, get in touch with us here at Thanks for watching.



Aim of control room software

The aim of the best control room software is to help businesses manage both the every day event and major incidents. Therefore, it should help businesses better prepare, manage and recover from business interruption. Typically, this is achieved through:

  • Visualisations
  • Decision support systems
  • Workflow automation

Many businesses will buy add-on modules such as:

  • Risk intelligence to optimise the collection and presentation of intelligence and provide unique insights.
  • Mass notifications to improve employee safety and experience.

Best control room software pricing

Expect to pay for the best control room software. Prices begin at $30k and rise to $1m+ when applied to multiple locations. There are often install costs and services such as, risk intelligence can be expensive.

What to look out for when buying:

  • The solution can handle multiple instances / incidents simultaneously
  • The capability of the operative matches the sophistication of the software: One common criticism from buyers of risk intelligence is the level of skill needed to operate the solution is higher than most control room operatives. 
  • The solution has redundancy built-in and offers core functionality when data connection is lost.
  • Cost to customise: Some solutions are more easily customised than others.


Incident management feature iconBroadcast messaging core feature iconRisk intelligence feature icon

Best control room software most expensive icon

$70k +

Comprehensive critical event management product suite.  Everbridge combines advanced risk intelligence, communications, collaboration, and coordination capabilities into a single, modernized platform – streamlining operations and simplifying user experiences.

  • Risk Intelligence

  • Mass Notification

  • Crisis Management

  • Public Warning

  • Safety Connection (people alert)

  • Travel Protector (traveler alert)

  • Control Center  (correlate events)

  • xMatters (automate incident management)

  • RedSky (protect mobile workforce)

  • SnapComms (integrated internal, multi-channel comms)
  • CareConverge (Healthcare solution)
  • SAGA (public authority response)

Multiple since 2020


Control room software applied to industries
Public / Events

Best control room software price unavailable icon


Chronosoft provide a control room platform that enhances a command centre and provides real-time information and data on a work environment. Chronosoft was created as a result of a tragic occurrence at a music festival. It identified several issues at the time and wanted to build a system that would record and capture real time data in an accurate, un-editable log.

Incident Management

Crew Resource Management




Data Analytics

Winner / Finalist x 1


Control room software applied to industries

Least expensive control room software 2 dollar signs


Control room software that:

1) Monitors threats and services such as, power outage

2) Reports incidents such as, human error and counter measures

3) Visualistes major incidents for example, severe weather and records decisions

Easy to use, SIRV helps businsses manage both the high probability every day event and low probability major incident. Sectors served range financial services to public transport. 

Threat and Service monitor:

  • News and social media updates
  • Utility, traffic, environment monitor
  • Tuned to address specific risks and needs
  • View through calendar, on map or schematics

Team reports:

  • Improve the quality of incident reports  
  • Submit checks and audits on time
  • Record the daily occurrence
  • Follow protocols and be compliant

Major incident management:

  • View all you need to know in one place
  • Instantly build perimeters, locate assets and track
  • Build a decision defence with the decision log
  • Get the involvement of stakeholders

Winner / Finalist x 9


Control room software applied to industries

Least expensive control room software 2 dollar signs

$30k + est

Critical event management platform delivering protection and assurance. Designed for safety and security leaders who demand the highest level of control.  

Bring multiple systems into one:

1) Incident management

Over 300 pre-built incident types with customisation tools available

2) Mass notification

Communicate with speed across multiple channels

3) Security management

Manage your DOBs, SOPs and digitise your security operations

4) Health & safety

Manage every aspect of your HSE programme

5) Patrol management

A complete mobile patrol and proof of presence solution

6) Compliance & task management

Conduct audits and checks, supported by task management

7) Case management

Full case management with investigation tools

Finalist/winner x 1


Control room software applied to industries

Best control room software price unavailable icon


Helps organisations improve processes with better collaboration, communication and consistency across portfolio of work: bringing crucial gains for business. Specialising in the complexity of sport, major events and venues, we support organisations in any industry with planning, sustainability, readiness and operations software.

  • Project Management: Automate reporting
  • Risk Management: Risk, issue and opportunity management
  • Readiness: Customise and upload your activity / testing plans
  • Venue Checks: Live visibility over all checks being carried out at any time
  • Run Sheets: Dependency mapping production schedules
  • Incident & Control: Event or venue control dashboards. Event logging, tasking and reporting

Not known


Control room software applied to industries
Public / Events

Best control room software price unavailable icon


Crises Control is a comprehensive critical event management software that helps professionals to plan, prepare, and respond to any emergency or crisis situation, be it natural disasters, cyber attacks, or other disruptions. 

It is used across various sectors, including healthcare, finance, transportation, and more. It is suitable for any business that exercises a duty of care and meets compliance with International Standards. 

  • Launch your Incident

Single critical event management platform to manage your scenarios

  • Track your Incident
Total critical event management tracking of event, customised to your requirements
  • Command and Control Center
Manage compete situation awareness throughout the lifecyle of the event.
  • Audit
Review and make better informed decisions, learn and improve your processes with data.

Multiple since 2016


Control room software applied to industries

Least expensive control room software 2 dollar signs

$30k + est

Mapping technology and software trusted by law enforcement, military, special forces, search & rescue, fire and medical emergency services globally. Airbox produces the most comprehensive suite of situational awareness tools available anywhere on both desktop PCs and mobile platforms. Designed for planning, execution and after action review, Airbox software is trusted by law enforcement, military, special forces, search & rescue, fire and medical emergency services. With over 400 maps available to use and the option to create your own, the base level map can sit off-line allowing operations to continue whilst no internet access is available.

Products for aviation, ground, high risk work environments, government and runway HD.

Key Features

    • Gives senior commanders an overview of multiple missions and operations running simultaneously across different geographic locations
    • Allows Control Rooms to have enhanced situational awareness enabling them to run multiple teams and operations from any location
    • Empowers operators to put users into teams where they can interactively share information to improve outcomes across land, sea and air



Control room software applied to industries
Public sector, emergency services

Best control room software price unavailable icon


Raven Controls is an innovative live-time event logging and incident management tool providing shared integrated situation awareness like never before – the greatest digital overview yet.

  • In Control Dashboard
  • Digital Logging
  • Multiple Integrated Logs
  • Notification and Escalation
  • Prioritisation
  • Policy decisions
  • Maps
  • Documents
  • Contacts
  • Process Tasks
  • Reporting

Not known


Control room software applied to industries
Public / Events

Best control room software most expensive icon

$70k + est

Make sense of the world’s text and sensory data in real-time to support safer, more efficient organizations and societies. Samdesk helps users act faster with more clarity at a time when action can make the biggest difference.

  • Instant real-time alerts so you’re the first to know
  • Visuals for complete situational awareness
  • Highly accurate street level geolocation
  • Get updates as events develop
  • Customize your alert streams and dashboards
  • Plug-ins for HR, travel, and supply chain systems



Control room software applied to industries

Best control room software average price

$5k + est

Tailored threat intelligence data and bespoke software solutions for global security teams

  • Threat Intelligence Platform
  • Customisable
  • API

Winner / Finalist x 1


Control room software applied to industries

Best control room software most expensive icon

$70k + est

Organizations can strengthen business resilience with real-time risk and event discovery and the integrated tools to manage responses—powered by cutting edge predictive and generative AI. Planning for and responding to dynamic and unforeseen risks is radically improved, people are safer and business disruptions are minimized.

  • Real-time alerts
  • Visualisations
  • Mass two-way notifications



Control room software applied to industries

Best control room software price unavailable icon


Compliance. Accountability. Process. VenuePro is the most effective, single solution venue and space management technology ecosystem, designed specifically for venue owners and operators. VenuePro is made up of 21 comprehensive modules that deliver all aspects of effective venue and event management, and whilst consulting with industry experts and global venue and space owners, is constantly in further development.

  • Event scheduling and booking
  • Vendor management and staffing
  • Workflow and task management
  • Faciities management and ticketing
  • Accreditation
  • Incident management and investigations
  • Inventory
  • Lost and found
  • Dashboard reports and analytics
  • Control room dashboard

Not known


Control room software applied to industries
Public / Events

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