Electronic Daily Occurrence Book (DOB) Tutorial

Welcome to the electronic daily occurrence book (DOB) tutorial.

The SIRV DOB is ideal for security guards, security managers and clients who are looking to make operational efficiencies and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Most security teams record daily events using a physical daily occurrence book (DOB). The DOB consists of triplicate carbon copies accessible to security teams.


SIRV Daily Occurrence Book User interface

Six Reasons to Switch to an Electronic DOB

1) Sustainability

Reduced Land Use: The elimination of carbon copies can free-up valuable storage space.

Reduced Emissions: The switch from paper to cloud computing significantly reduces your carbon footprint.

2) Assurance

Provenance: With the SIRV DOB it’s easy to establish who wrote what and when. Each security guard is equipped with a unique username and password. Each entry receives a time-stamp, eliminating any doubt. 

No Lost Paper: Investigations depend on accurate records. With a paper DOB there is always a risk of incidental loss or destruction. SIRV’s automated back-up procedure and local download feature reduces the risk of lost records.

3) Efficiency

Increased Access: Retrieving DOB documentation from storage is costly and time consuming. The SIRV DOB allows complex searches to be made real-time and results to be known in seconds.

Multiple Access Points: The SIRV DOB can be viewed and amended by multiple parties in different locations. A user can access the SIRV DOB via a web browser or the SIRV mobile app.

Improved Quality of Reporting: SIRV is easy to use and highly accessible. As a result more entries are made in an electronic DOB than a paper DOB .

Strong Audit Trail: Amendments to paper DOBs usually lead to entries being redacted or made illegible, hampering a clear audit trail. SIRV’s versioning system means no entry can be deleted, only new versions can be created with old versions retained.

4) Cost Saving

No more buying expensive paper: There is no more need for expensive triplicates or costly storage space.

Time Saving: Thanks to easy drop-down menus, entries into the SIRV DOB take a fraction of the time a paper DOB entry takes, freeing-up valuable human resource.

5) Mobilisation

Rolling-out the SIRV DOB takes seconds and training security guards takes less than five minutes.


6) One Source

The SIRV DOB intelligently integrates with SIRV’s other features. This provides viewers of the SIRV DOB with one point of truth; an incident response platform where all security activity can be viewed real-time.

In the event of an incident a DOB is referred to as a source of evidence, similar to the way CCTV is used. It’s therefore important for a DOB to be tamper proof and securely stored for future reference.

Over the last few years a number of organisations have moved from paper DOBs to cloud based electronic DOBs. The following tutorial takes an in-depth look at the SIRV DOB. 

    Overview: Electronic Daily Occurrence Book 

    The SIRV DOB is designed to appear like a typical paper DOB. It should therefore be familiar to technophobe and tech advocate alike. It takes a couple of minutes to learn the DOB’s basic functionality.

    The DOB can be used with or without the other SIRV features. One advantage of using the full SIRV feature set is a number of entries are made automatically, for example:

    The following video takes you through the basics of where to find the DOB and how to:

    • Create a line entry
    • Link an entry to an event or incident
    • Search recorded DOBs and download into Microsoft Excel  
    • Make new versions of an existing entry

    show me your dob!

    Access Rights

    You can limit access to the SIRV DOB by going to:


    Once a new role has been created you can attribute users to that role. You’re able to determine whether you want users to be able to:

    • Configure a DOB
    • ‘Open New’: Open and close a DOB if an Administrator
    • ‘Open Existing’: View an already opened DOB 
    • Search historic DOBs

    Additional Entries

    The below video shows a DOB updating automatically to reflect guard patrols, incidents / events and entries made by the SIRV mobile application:

    The DOB allows users of the mobile app to make entries into the DOB. The below screenshot appears on the mobile app. See Settings>DOB Line Items:

    Mobile App allows entries into SIRV DOB.

    This is a useful feature when users are away from their PC or laptop. It can also be relied upon whenever there’s a data outage. The mobile app continues to function and store information locally, sending information to SIRV online when data connection is re-established. 

    Multiple Users

    The SIRV DOB can be viewed and edited by multiple users.  

    One user can open a DOB on a PC and multiple other users can use that same PC to make their own entries. Every entry requires a username and password, creating an audit trail.

    More than one user can view and edit the same DOB from different PCs.

    At the bottom of the DOB there’s a small synchronisation button. Depressing this button instructs the DOB to synchronise with any other users that have made an entry in the same DOB. This action is automated to occur every 60 seconds. 

    Configuring the DOB

    Every site on SIRV can have one DOB attributed to it. To build more DOBs you need to create more sites, which is simple. Go to: Settings>Site & Location.

    On the menu bar you have an option to ‘Configure DOB’. 

    • Tags: This can be a useful way of identifying a particular DOB, beside its name.
    • Checks: These are switch boxes that offer an answer to the question  ‘Yes/No’ or ‘Complete/Incomplete’.
    • Line Item Categories: Select common events, such as check calls, visits etc.

    Making use of these criteria will make conducting a historic search quicker and easier.  


    How long can a DOB be open?

    The SIRV DOB can be left open for however long you wish. Most users will open and close the DOB according to their shifts. The user closing a DOB is asked to ‘sign-off’ its closure through inputting their password. 

    What happens if you post an entry to a DOB using the mobile security app and a DOB is not open?

    The entry will be posted to the next closest DOB, the next one opened or the last one closed. This entry is flagged as having fallen outside the time a DOB was opened.

    Why can’t the mobile app view the DOB?

    The SIRV mobile app is limited to only making entries in the DOB. This is because mobile phone connections are considered not as secure as web browser connections.

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