Access daily occurrence book: Fine grain permission feature release

Now you can define which user has access to which daily occurrence book. Because the new fine grain permissions feature uses the concept of ‘groups’, you define which users can view, edit and open which daily occurrence book. As a result, if you’re an administrator running SIRV with multiple users and occurrence books, this feature is ideal.

Unlike paper daily occurrence books, you can limit who has access to your occurrence books! After all, if you have our Threat AI service you receive notifications in the book and a guard in Manchester doesn’t need to know about protests in London.

Introducing Groups

Because access is usually given to many users, groups are a fast and easy way to define user access.

User and Site Groups

Firstly, name a user group and add users to that group. Then name a site group and add sites/occurrence books to that group. Thereafter, define user access by adding site group to user group. But, note if a user is not given a user group they won’t have access any DOB. 

Switch on fine grain permissions

Once a user and site group have been linked, switch on fine grain permissions.

Can some users see all sites / daily occurrence books?

Yes. If you want some users to see all sites / daily occurrence books, simply put them in a user group and add all the site groups to that user group.

Search users and groups

If you have many users and/or daily occurrence books, you’ll find the search facility useful. Because it allows you to quickly see what group of daily occurrence books the user can access or which occurrence books are in which site group.

Fine grain permissions search user - search group
Fine grain permissions group relationship

Remove home page graphs

If you wish to give access to an occurrence book and nothing else you probably want to remove the homepage graphs: Go to roles and ensure the role given to the user does not assign home page graphs. As a result, when logging in the user will only see help videos, in place of graphs. 

Access daily occurrence book fine grain permissions - remove home page graphs
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