Media Release Template

Welcome to a series of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), by SIRV security guard software. Today’s free download is a media release procedure.

These procedures are available through SIRV software using our decision tree functionality. We have also published these procedures in PDF and Powerpoint formats to illustrate how a decision tree could be used to help you.


Media Release Standard Operating Procedure

The procedure follows a set format, one question, one or more answers. For example:

QUESTION: Are you media trained?

  • Yes (go to page 2)
  • No (go to page 12)

Guidance and advice is contained within. For example:

  • In Advance:

    • Find out what the media deadlines are and manage expectations around them.
    • Control events by issuing statements / interviews to according to your schedule.
    • Should an impromptu interview be requested try and delay it to fit in with your schedule, if you accept the interview ensure you find out what are the requirements of the interview.
    • Establish the known consequences
    • Confirm what [YOUR ORGANISATION] is doing to remedy the situation
    • Establish what [YOUR ORGANISATION] can say about developments

Download Media Release Procedure

You can download the full procedures by clicking in your preferred format, PDF or Powerpoint.

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