SIRV Awards 2024

SIRV Awards 2024: The team at SIRV are delighted to announce our Artificial Intelligence Assistant has been shortlisted for Security Innovation of the Year at the 2024 Fire and Security Matters Awards!

The Artificial Intelligence Assistant is still in its infancy but promises great things. 

On hearing the news, SIRV CEO, Andrew Tollinton said ‘this award is testament to the team and culture we have built here at SIRV. One where people are free to experiment and innovate while keeping in mind the client’s job to be done’. 

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Security Innovation: SIRV Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Security is often a grudge purchase that few businesses willingly buy. However, because it’s a condition of insurance it’s nearly always present in some form. But beyond the insurer’s stipulations, how does an organisation determine what and where to deploy security?

In the past, heads of security have made decisions based on various sources of information, data and intelligence. For example, threat assessments, first hand experience and incident reports. However, these sources and how they’re used is far from perfect:

  • Different decision makers bring their own personal bias foe example, survivor bias
  • The frequency, recency and availability of information distorts its impact.

As a result, security spend is often difficult to justify and defend; it’s open to accusations from executives who cry ‘do we really need all this!?’

The SIRV Artificial Intelligence Assistant addresses the shortcomings of current decision making processes. It uses recent advancements in deep learning made available through transistors, to process huge data sets and produce recommendations for security deployment. 

The SIRV Artificial Intelligence Assistant uses multiple sources to make security deployment recommendations. 

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