SIRV Security Excellence Awards: Innovation of the Year 2021

SIRV Security Excellence Awards: Innovation of the Year 2021

SIRV Security excellence: Seven years in a row

Over seven years SIRV has either won or made the shortlist for innovation awards. We’re proud to again reach the shortlist for our latest technology innovation. To find out about this new product get in touch.

Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2021

The Security and Fire Excellence of Awards 2021 take place at the London Hilton, Park Lane, 21 November 2021. Thousands of people enter the different award categories, which are split into company, people and vendors.

SIRV Security excellence previous entries

Here are two notable past entries:

Decision Trees

SIRV’s decision support system uses decision trees to optimise decisions. Use cases for the feature include:

Business emergency plans: Transform business continuity plans through decision trees. Do away with Pdf files and folders full of paper. This feature makes plans easy to use and simple to follow. As a result, every employee is engaged.

Decisions in the field: Often lone workers will work in the field without direct supervision. Therefore, in the event of an incident the worker will often contact a superior to confirm the best course of action. As a result, decisions are slow and often supervisors are needlessly involved. However, SIRV’s decision tree feature gives lone workers crucial guidance. This empowers workers to make decisions without supervision.

Example decision tree:

SIRV Security Reporting and Tracking Software: Building Procedures (Assignment Instructions) Tutorial - Decision Trees feature

Daily Occurrence Book

Our every popular daily occurrence book feature is the final step to take your security function paperless. Because it is super simple to use and effective, users are happy to make paper books a thing of the past. As a result:

  • Achieve environment, social and governance goals.
  • Reduce fraud.
  • Analyse incidents.

Over 90% of SIRV customers use the daily occurrence book. Therefore, why not ask for a demo or watch the below video. And, if you’re not clear what goes in an occurrence book check out our article how to write a daily occurrence book.

Note: The SIRV occurrence book now displays threat notifications, such as protests in your area. 

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