New Dashboard – Software Version Release

New Dashboard - Software Version Release 1.09

A new version of SIRV is now available, version 1.09.

Why produce a new version of SIRV?

Software developers produce a new software version for two reasons:

1. Compliance and Security

Security vulnerabilities as well as changes in the software ecosystem will mean software needs to be updated. For example, if Apple change their operating system there may be new security and compliance requirement. Therefore, we will update our software to ensure it can still be used on the Apple platform.

2. Feature development

Most security and compliance changes will go unnoticed by the end user. However, feature developments should always be noticeable. Because feature developments are made to enhance the user experience or offer a new way of doing things.

What’s new in SIRV version 1.09?

Buying-Guide-App-for-Security-Guards-Apple-logo SIRV reporting and tracking made easy 




We have updated the Apple mobile app to ensure it is compliant with the latest version of iOS. The new Apple app now allows you to use the NFC feature.

What's the best NFC tag for proof of presence? SIRV reporting and tracking software.




There is a new landing page dashboard:

New Dashboard - version release 1.09

We will be adding more dashboard options. If you would like to see more metrics please let us know (

Dashboards present two types of information:

  • Operational: This is useful to an operator real-time, helping them make decisions in the field. For example, a car’s speedometer is part of an operational dashboard.
  • Analytical: Information that is used to analyse events after they have happened. For example, a car’s mile per gallon reading is not important when you’re driving a car. However, it is useful to review periodically.   

The new SIRV dashboard includes both operational and analytical information. Therefore, the upper two thirds are analytical, lower third is operational.

Multi-select search

A user can now perform a search against one, multiple or all incidents and events.SIRV Software New Release version 1.09



Daily Occurrence Book ‘Fine Grain Permissions’

You can now define what daily occurrence book a user can edit. This helps prevent mis-postings. (If you’re still not sure what to post in an occurrence book check out how to write a daily occurrence book). 

The new feature, called ‘fine grain permissions’ allows an administrator to limit:

  • What occurrence book a user can access
  • Whether a user can edit, open/close and search DOBs.

SIRV new release  Daily Occurrence Book Fine Grain Permissions allows user access to be restricted









If you want to deploy daily occurrence books to different client sites, this is a useful feature.

What next?

We’re looking at introducing more new features, such as Threat AI, which can displays protests in London


More dashboards

New Dashboards coming  - version release 1.09

Android app on the Play store

Buying-Guide-App-for-Security-Guards-Android-logo SIRV reporting and tracking made easy







Geo-spatial reporting

SIRV Geo Spatial Reporting Mobile app






 If you would like to see a new feature please get in touch:

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