Security Daily Occurrence Book Template

Security daily occurrence book template to download. Our daily occurrence book sample is free and available in both Word and PDF format. Simply click on each image to download the version you need.

Daily occurrence book template, a sample of an occurrence book. Suitable as an MOD Form 315
Daily occurrence book template, a sample of an occurrence book. Suitable as MOD Form 315. Free to download. Available in both Word and PDF, our occurrence book example is also available online

Why download the template?

Security guards use daily occurrence books to record noteworthy events such as, site visits or security incidents. If you are unclear about what to record check out our help article on the 10 most popular daily occurrence book entries. And, discover how to write a daily occurrence book.

How to report events in the security daily occurrence book template

How you enter events into the occurrence book is important. For example, you should consider:

  • Why events are recorded in the occurrence book
  • What should and should not be recorded
  • Whether to erase or overwrite entries

We wrote a guide on what to report in a daily occurrence book.

The future is an electronic daily occurrence book

Today, many security daily occurrence book templates are being replaced by   electronic security daily occurrence booksHere’s five reasons why:

1. Digital occurrence books are more sustainable

Not only do digital occurrence books use less space but also they eliminate paper waste. This helps reduce your carbon emissions.

2. Electronic books offer greater assurance

Paper occurrence books can be lost or spoiled. However, an online daily occurrence book is stored in the cloud and it’s therefore always accessible and secure.

Paper books rely on signatures to confirm who made an entry but, signatures can be easily forged. However, electronic occurrence books rely on usernames and passwords.

3. Digital books are more efficient

Paper books require a manual entry for every event. But, online entries are posted automatically. For example, SIRV posts patrols, incidents and audits to the online daily occurrence book.

4. Online occurrence books save money

Paper is expensive to buy and store. Not only is an electronic occurrence book paperless but also it eliminates the need for storage.

5. One Point of Truth

Paper books may not capture all events because separate incident reports may be filed. However, an online daily occurrence book captures all information in one place.

Are you building a business case to move to away from paper books? Check out the article 11 ways to persuade your business to ditch paper occurrence books. 


Our security daily occurrence book template is a great failsafe, convenient for when you’ve run out of paper books. However, the world is moving online and our daily occurrence book online feature is a great option.

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