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Tasks help you get things done

Tasks are a great feature to help you get things done. Because some things must be done by a set time, deadlines can be set. In addition, as some tasks are singular and others recur, you can make them either:

  •  One off or

  •  Recur: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

As a result, it’s easier to measure and manage what gets done.

Tasks feature mobile app screenshot SIRV

Mobile app

Tasks appear on the SIRV mobile app. However, who receives them is up to you. Because a specific user or a role can receive notifications. For instance, you can share or assign them to certain people.

Use cases

Use cases for tasks are various: From car park authorisation to  fire extinguisher checks and security patrols. Because there is an import facility, it’s easy and quick to assign a long list of tasks.

Tutorial clips

"I've worked with other software in the sector. Because SIRV is stable and reliable, I use it for all my checks and audits."

– Roger Hearn


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