Reporting: What are you looking to do? 

Great decisions are made by people with great information. 

Below are features that will make your reporting easier and more effective. 

SIRV incident and event reporting
SIRV Incident reporting, form builder, from acid attack to building damage reports

Incident Reporting

Build incident reports for anything you like, from coronavirus to corrosive acid attack. Frequently used in security.

SIRV incident and event, health and welfare reporting

Events & Safety

Health and safety, audits, workforce management, whatever your need, these forms are easy to deploy. 

SIRV incident and event reporting Daily Occurrence Book, EDOB, Electronic DOB, Online DOB

Daily Occurrence Book

Popular with organisations wanting to digitise their security function. Integrate with other functionality and access from anywhere.

SIRV Guard Patrol Proof of Presence, guard tour

Proof of Presence

Evidence where people have been by using a smartphone’s built in NFC functionality. Frequently used for people tracking in security, cleaning and many other areas. 

SIRV Incident and event reporting Broadcast Messaging

Broadcast Messaging

Broadcast messages to one or many users of the SIRV mobile app. Allow two way communication. 

SIRV Tasks incident reporting


Assign tasks with deadlines to users of the mobile app. Receive reports about tasks fulfilled by their deadline.

SIRV incident and event reporting Decision Tree Procedures

Decision Trees

Increase best practice by using our decision tree format to build procedures. Transform business resilience plans, assignment instructions and training.

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– Mike Abbott

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