Public Space Reporting

Public space reporting has its own challenges

  • Crime reports
  • Business Improvement Districts
  • Positive and negative reports
  • Escalation processes
Positive and negative reporting in public space

Positive and negative reports

In the public space, reporting what’s wrong comes easy to people. But, reporting what’s right is less intuitive.

We make it super simple to report both. In addition, you see who is not submitting positive reports. Therefore, you are able to make interventions and drive behaviour change.

Crime reports

Rough sleepers, beggars and shoplifters form a large part of public space reports. However, to spot  trends, patterns and thresholds in these areas is time consuming.

Our intelligent database takes care of that for you.

Crime reports by SIRV
Business Improvement District reporting

Business Improvement Districts 

Business improvement districts have unique requirements. We offer bespoke reports that meet their needs.