Mental Health First Aider 

You’ve invested in training your mental health first aiders, now support them in their every day work with the mental health first aider app.

Increase Reporting

Equip your mental health first aiders with a helpful reporting platform. Easy to use, time saving and no training required.  

Provide Support

Help elevate mental health as a boardroom issue. Support your mental health first aiders with notifications about refresher training, keep track of who has been trained and maintain confidentiality. 

Make Early Interventions

Decrease the fear and stigma around mental health, make early interventions to provide effective support. 


Design your own incident forms.   


Deploy to as many mental health first aiders as you like.  


Communicate securely with each or all of your mental health first aiders.


Fully encrypted so you can report with confidence.


Load advice and guidance using our easy to follow decision tree format.


Adapt and change forms and advice with our easy to use interface, all real-time.

Explore Mental Health Challenges

Bring data to life. Discover common concerns. Locate where there are problems.

How We Safeguard User Anonymity

What Is Mental Health First Aid?

First developed in Australia by Betty Kitchener and Anthony Jorm in 2000, mental health first aid is a training program that teaches members of the public how to help a person developing a mental health problem. 

What Training Is Required?

The mobile application is easy to use and requires little to no training.

How Much Does It Cost?

The investment required is determined by user numbers and organisation size. The charge for an initial installation license is £10,000. 

How Does Your Software Help Mental Health First Aiders?

We support your mental health first aiders by providing them with a discreet, quick and easy channel to report their findings. Intelligent analytics identifies the kinds of problems people are facing and where they are most common. 

On What Mobile Platforms Does SIRV Work?

SIRV operates on both iOS and Android mobile applications. Reports can be reviewed online using a secure web page. 

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