Intelligence Module

Harness the power of your people

People power your operation. However, we waste much of their effort. For example, after a while we forget about report incidents and events. As a result, most companies have a shallow, short-term memory.

The Intelligence feature helps address this problem. Not only does it review old records but also, it identifies patterns which people find hard to spot. It harnesses the power of your people.

Intelligence-Module-Harnessing-People-Reporting by SIRV reporting and tracking software
Intelligence Module - How it works by SIRV reporting software

How it works

The Intelligence feature is easy to use. First, people report events and incidents in the usual way. They go online or use the SIRV mobile application. Second, the report is automatically scanned. The scan determines whether a threat has been identified. Third, if a threat is found then a notification is sent out to interested parties.

Improve threat detection by sharing information

Sharing information helps companies detect threats. However, sorting through the information takes time and it is not reliable. Fortunately, the Intelligence feature will sort through lots of information and identify threats in seconds. It is common for companies to share information about threats if they have the same service provider or, they share the same common threat.


Crime Intelligence Module by SIRV reporting and tracking software

Crime detection

One crime will often be part of a larger pattern of behaviour. If we identify the pattern then it is easier to tackle the individual crime. However, to identify a pattern we often need lots of information from lots of different sources. As a result, pattern identification takes a lot of time and it is not reliable. If we apply the Intelligence feature it is quicker and easier to identify crime patterns.

Hostile Reconnaissance Intelligence Module by SIRV reporting and tracking software

Hostile Reconnaissance

Terrorists, activists and criminals will research a target’s security precautions before launching an attack. They will visit a target’s location and watch for weaknesses in its security. The name for this exercise is hostile reconnaissance. If we detect and deter this then we can avert an attack.

Customise Intelligence Module by SIRV reporting and tracking software


We built the Intelligence feature to tackle each company’s unique set of interests. For example, we can apply it to address both the theft of physical and digital assets.