Incident Reporting

Build your Incident Reporting Forms

Use the SIRV form builder to create as many incident forms as you like. Choose from a list of different functions. 

Forms can be as simple or complex as you like. You can build a one page form or a form so large it would occupy a whole folder were it paper.

Building a basic incident report takes less than 60 seconds and it can be updated at any time. You can also select which users have access to the reports.  

Incident reports are recorded through the web browser or mobile device. 

Assign a Tile

The SIRV mobile app gives you the option to assign an incident report its own home screen tile. Choose a background colour and select from over 3,000 icons.

You can even configure the app so that when a user logs in they see their own incident report forms.

Incident reports can be tied to other SIRV features including proof of presence tags and decision trees

Report Incidents

Use a web browser or the SIRV mobile app to record incidents.

You have the option of sending emails whenever an incident is recorded. All recorded incidents are stored in the SIRV database, ready to be reviewed at any time. 

Review & Analyse Incidents

Recorded incidents are reviewed online. You will save time and identify patterns if you apply the search filter.

Use the graph builder to analyse incidents and present your findings. Downloaded reports into excel to perform bespoke analysis.

No deleting, only revising

To maintain data integrity once an incident is created it cannot be deleted. Instead you have the option to make a new version of an incident.

This allows you to make amendments to an existing incident but keep a record of the original incident. If you choose to review created incidents online you will see the original incident created along with any new versions. Simple. 

Popular Incident Reports

Alarm Response

Bomb Threat

Building Damage / Fault

Corrosive Substance Attack


Evacuation – Post Event


First Aid



Gas Leak

Hostile Reconnaissance



Lift Entrapment

Mental Health Incident

Near Miss




Toxic Substance Spillage

Sit-in Occupation

Unauthorised Access

Undesirable Circumstances


Vehicle Accident / Breakdown

"Super simple."

– Grant Sonny

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