Event & Safety Reporting


Receive more information, quickly and easily.  Review activity through:

  • Email reports
  • Graph builder
  • Online searches

For ultimate flexibility drop your data into excel to dice n’ slice it.

Build as many forms as you like

The SIRV form builder creates as many checklists and forms as you like. You have the freedom to choose your functionality and design the form the way you want.

You select who can sees each form and who receives email reports.  Forms take literally seconds to build and appear instantly online and in the SIRV app. 

Make Your Checks

From daily checklists to complex annual audits, customers use SIRV for the easiest or most difficult audit action. Edit and change your forms as reporting requirements alter.

Automated Follow-Up

For issues that can’t wait add the ‘Action’ feature to a form. This powerful function highlights particular items that need to be remedied by a deadline. You select to whom the action is sent, then let SIRV do the rest.


SIRV sends an email link to the person responsible, the link takes them to a secure hub where they see:

  • The issue narrative along with any accompanying images and video 
  • Deadline for remedial action

They’re asked to confirm when they have remedied issue. Each time an item is remedied you receive an approval notification.

To ensure the person responsible doesn’t forget SIRV sends periodic follow-up emails.

Popular Event & Safety Reporting Forms

"I've always found the support provided by SIRV to be first class. As a result we use SIRV for all our audits."

– Carla Aubrey