Specific requirements? No problem, customise your product

The SIRV design philosophy offers you the opportunity to make the product your own. 

SIRV Customisation, integrate through APIs, develop into security, cleaning, tracking
Customise the appearance of the SIRV mobile app

Change the Look

Change your icons, choose the order the tiles appear and switch their colours. You have the control to make SIRV look the way you like. 

Nearly the whole mobile app can be changed to focus on what’s important to you. 

SIRV customise and integrate with APIs


SIRV is built using open source code. This makes it easy to integrate with other products, all it needs is an API.

Bespoke Solutions

For years SIRV has been building bespoke solutions for all kinds of organisations. In the past we’ve built data visualisations, custom KPIs and unique tracking solutions.  

SIRV Customisation and bespoke solutions. Security KPIs, data visualisation, new functionality, we've done it all.

"I love the control I have."

– Mike Abbott

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2016 Communication Product (Winner)

2017 Communication Product (Finalist)

2018 Start-up of the Year (Finalist)

2019 Innovation of the Year (Finalist)

2020 Innovation of the Year (Finalist)

2021 Innovation of the Year (Finalist)