Broadcast Messages

Encrypted in app messaging.


Broadcast messages: Improve Communication

Communicate with every SIRV mobile user through the SIRV broadcast message centre. Because a record is kept of every message, you can track every all communication.

SIRV in app broadcast message
Broadcast messaging app

Mobile App Messaging

Save time, add users to groups and message many users at once. Thereafter, send and reply to messages via the mobile app. And, cascade them to other SIRV mobile app users. 


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Q. What’s the idea behind the message centre?

The broadcast message feature is inspired by the gold command communication hub. 

Q. Can I message groups of people?

A. You can send a message to as many people as you like.

Q. What if I want to message to a role rather than a user?

A. You determine whether a message is sent to a user or a role. Therefore, if a message is sent to a role, the next user of that role will receive the message. 

Q. Does it work like popular message apps?

A. SIRV’s broadcast message centre will pass a message between one and many and, many to one. In addition, a message recipient can cascade a message to others.  

Q. Does the broadcast message centre send messages as quickly as other message apps?

A. SIRV is not a message application. Therefore, telephone networks do not give it the same priority as other message apps such as, Whatsapp. As a result, messages can take longer to arrive. 

Q. Can I track messages?

A. You can track a message in three ways:

  1) Over a 24 hour period all messages appear in the message centre.

  2) Read receipts are shown in the message centre.

  3) You can perform an historic message search.

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