Status of the asset

SIRV tracks when an asset was last visited and its status at that time through:

  • Proof of presence using near field communication (NFC)
  • Status reports 

Notifications can be communicated by email and reviewed online. Proof of presence can be visualised through the unique SIRV grid visualisation.

Asset Tracking Software SIRV Status of Assets feature
SIRV Reporting and Asset tracking - Asset User Feature

Who is using the asset?

Tracking who is using an asset sounds simple. However, things become complex very quickly once you begin considering different scenarios. 

For example, an authorised user removes an asset. The user then becomes ill and a colleague takes over the asset, how is this exchange tracked? What if the user has a group of assets and just one of the assets is replaced, how it this change in the group composition measured?

We build solutions to handle some of the most complex scenarios. 

Assets moving within your building 

There’s a number of different technologies that track assets within premises. RFID,  Bluetooth and NFC are most common. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and, cost profile. 

We determine what is the best fit for you by gaining a deep insight of the challenge you face. We then present you with possible solutions and make a recommendation depending on budget and feasibility. 

SIRV-Asset-Tracking-asset-within-building Assets moving within your building
Asset Tracking software Assets moving between your buildings SIRV

Assets moving between your buildings

Tracking assets that are moving between buildings can be achieved in one of two ways.

1) Track the asset using a tracking device that constantly communicates its location via GPS. 

2) When an asset passes through a gateway its presence is communicated. Beacons, RFID and NFC can all be used to achieve this aim.

Location of your assets

Discover where your assets are at any one time. Periodically command the asset to communicate its location. 

Within buildings this is possible with beacons. Outside buildings GPS can be used. 

Important considerations include power consumption and how often you want to know the location of your asset.

Asset tracking software  - location of your asset by SIRV

Frequently Tracked Assets

Asset tracking software  - frequently tracked assets - keys


Asset tracking software  - frequently tracked assets, mobile devices

Mobile Devices

Asset tracking software  - frequently tracked assets, vehicle by SIRV



Asset tracking software  - frequently tracked assets stock by SIRV


Asset tracking software  - frequently tracked assets plant by SIRV


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