About us

Security teams around the world have a job to do: Safeguard their organisation’s assets, people and visitors. Therefore, they need:

  • Assurance their security measures are operational
  • Information about threats to their organisation

SIRV’s threat, incident and event reports satisfy these needs.  

Founded in 2012, SIRV is a specialist team working out of London, Melbourne, Johannesburg and, Vancouver. Our backgrounds are computer, political and data science with a focus on research.

SIRV stands for Systematic Intelligent Risk Valuation. Thank heavens for acronyms!


In 2012 brothers Phil and Andy began building SIRV.

Andy was the design champion whereas, Phil only cared for function. Andy would claim he and Phil were like two members of a rock band. They would fight for days but eventually make great music (software). In contrast, Phil thought Andy plain wrong.

By 2015 they finished arguing and SIRV was born. Since 2016 SIRV has either won or been shortlisted for innovation awards.

About us founders

Philip Tollinton SIRV co founder

Phil is a keen ultra runner and triathlete. However, since the birth of his first child he admits he has less time for these pursuits.

He has a degree in chemistry and computer science, along with a PhD in computational chemistry. Although he conducted post doctoral research he eventually moved into industry.

Andrew Tollinton SIRV Co Founder

Between 2004 and 2010 Andy held managerial, financial and sales director roles in the UK’s biggest security company. Before this he was an operational and financial analyst working across retail (Harrods), energy (Shell/Bechtel) and media (NewsCorp). 

Andy is super interested in persuasion through the spoken word. Therefore, he guest lecturers on the topic at various universities: London Business School, City University, University College London. He is also the Behavioural Economist in Residence at London College of Fashion.


SIRV Systems Limited, 85 Great Portland street, First Floor, London, UK W1W 7LT

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2016 Communication Product (Winner)

2017 Communication Product (Finalist)

2018 Start-up of the Year (Finalist)


2019 Innovation of the Year (Finalist)

2020 Innovation of the Year (Finalist)

2021 Innovation of the Year (Finalist)

2022 Innovation of the Year (Finalist)