Incident email button – New feature release

Incident emails are very useful. Because they inform a lot of people about an incident. However, often a report needs an update. Therefore, we need a quick and easy way to communicate this update. As a result, we’ve built a button for that!

How it works

When you review a SIRV incident, you’ll find a new ’email’ button. Press it and the incident report is sent all the email addresses in the incident contact list(s).

Incident email button instructions

Button works all the time

If you press the button the report will be sent again, even if you’ve made no changes to the incident.

The UPDATED email

Update email title

If a change is made to a security incident report then the email title will read ‘UPDATED’. For example, if you update the ‘history’ feature, then the change is shown in the email and title of the email.

Add new recipients

Add a new email address or new contact list to an incident. Then, hit the button and those new addresses will get the incident report.

Unsure what to put in a security incident report? No problem. Check out our ultimate guide to the security incident report here.

How to get the incident email button

The button will appear in the next free SIRV upgrade. If you’d like it sooner please get in touch and we’ll upgrade you today.

Protect Duty and email

The forthcoming Protect Duty will mean organisations need a way to coordinate a response to terrorist attacks. An email is one option, as are in-app broadcast messages and texts.

SIRV and Protect Duty

SIRV software helps support the identification of potential threats, limit the opportunity for an attack and coordinate a response to an attack. For example, our protests in London visualisation is part of a contextual threat assessment. The visualisation is free and fully interactive. 

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