“I think I have coronavirus.”

What’s a Security Guard’s response? 

Updated 14 March 2020

We’ve built a decision tree for security guards to use when they’re approached by a member of public who says they think they may have coronavirus. 

Security Guard & Authority Figure

You jump on the bus to work. After a few minutes you feel a unwell and by the time you enter your workplace reception you are coughing. What do you do?

In public spaces, work receptions, transport networks, all kinds of environments around the world, security guards are seen as authority figures. As a result, they are being asked by peers, staff and members of the public, what to do if they suspect they may have coronavirus.


    SIRV Decision Tree Feature

    We’ve used SIRV’s decision tree tool, to provide guidance on how to respond to people who ask about coronavirus. The advice is based on NHS guidance as at the time of this post.

    SIRV’s decision tree functionality produces an aide-memoire, a protocol that quickly and easily takes people through a decision making process.

    The function’s popular because it’s:

    • Dynamic, it can be updated real-time
    • Auditable, any user’s pathway through the protocol is traced and recorded
    • Free with the SIRV security guard software package.


    Below are a few screenshots of the decision tree as seen on a smartphone. It is also available on a PC and tablet.